Sheet & Post Dump – The fully welded, sheet and post design of this trailer has proven to be the mainstay in the industry. With .175 side wall thickness, and a hollow designed bottom rail, the sheet and post dump trailer is specially designed for everyday hauls.

MVP Dump – This trailer utilizes structural snap together panels that create a weldless mirror finish exterior. The aerodynamics of the “MVP” (MAC Vertical Panel) and narrow width dimension of the hollow core panels have proven to enhance fuel economy and increase payloads. Additionally, the hollow designed extruded 6061 T6 aluminum bottom rail houses the lights and wiring for protection from the weather and road elements.

MACsimizer Dump – The MACsimizer Half Round has proven to be a lightweight, durable trailer for everyday use. The advanced design makes this trailer ideal for those who need to maximize their weight capacity while maintaining dependability. The MACsimizer offers the volume of a traditional square body dump, but it features a tare weight of 8900 lbs. (less liner and tarp). The low profile front end maintains a lower center of gravity with 31” less flat space on the bulkhead compared to a standard flat bulkhead.

Steel Dump – The MAC steel dump trailers encompass a rugged design and construction to meet severe hauling requirements. With the traditional radius or the half round bulkheads available, the MAC steel dump trailers are fitting for abrasive and heavy hauls.

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  • Axle configuration
  • Wheel styles/tires
  • Aluminum/steel chasis
  • Length/height/width
  • Bulhead radius/slopped
  • Gate hinge style
  • Paint - pinstripe color
  • LED lighting
  • Stainless/plastic liners
  • Tarp styles
  • Fabricated frame