Flatbed Trailers – In the forefront of the MAC Trailer line-up is the standard flatbed trailer, the MAC Trailer “Road Warrior”. Available in multi-axle configurations and several varied beam ratings, the flatbed trailer is designed to haul both evenly distributed loads and those that are heavily concentrated. Traditionally, these trailers are used for lumber, skids, bagged sand, and coils, but there is a wide variety of applications for the MAC flatbed trailers.

Drop Deck Trailers – MAC Trailer offers a lightweight, high load capacity drop deck trailer to meet unique and special load demands. It is available in overall lengths from 40’ to 53’ with 10’ and 11’ upper deck lengths. These trailers are ideal for specialty and heavy haul applications, and can also be designed with multi-axle configurations.

MLP-6 & 8 Trailers – These flatbed trailers are specifically designed with low profiled necks, offered in 6” or 8” - to provide ultimate hauling capacities for general building materials, pipe, and palleted general freight loads. Varied beam ratings, inside heights, and load capacities differentiate these trailers for their wide range of hauling capabilities.MLP-6’s and 8’s can also be fitted with pockets, spools and rub bands, sliding axles, and varied brands of Conestoga sliding tarp systems.

MAC Combo Flatbed – The MAC Trailer combo flatbed brings an additional offering to the diverse lineup of platform trailers. Included are special features such as powder coated chassis, 50k steel beam, and aluminum floor decking with C styled aluminum floor cross members.

To learn more about the specifics of MAC flatbed trailers, check out our literature, submit a questionnaire form, or email us at info@mactrailer.com to contact a MAC Trailer sales specialist.


  • Axle configuration
  • Wheel styles/tires
  • Aluminum/steel chasis
  • Length/height/width
  • Bulhead radius/slopped
  • Gate hinge style
  • Paint - pinstripe color
  • LED lighting
  • Stainless/plastic liners
  • Tarp styles
  • Fabricated frame