Moving Floors – The moving floor transfers are offered in two different configurations; either the classic, a fully welded aluminum sheet & post, or the smooth-sided “MVP” MACLOCK (MAC Vertical Panel). Moving floor transfer trailers serve a wide variety of hauling applications, including MS,W, solid waste, steel, agricultural and wood materials, plastics, scrap, crushed cars, and sand.

Tippers – MAC Trailer tippers serve heavy haul jobs, where volume, tare weight, and maximum payload are crucial. The tippers are designed to maintain a lightweight structure, while also featuring a rear bumper and overslung gate to be compatible with all styles of tipping platforms.

Multi-Axle Transfers – MAC Trailer multi-axle transfers are optimal for heavy haulers who are required to meet specified road legalities. These trailers are designed in adherence to any specific axle positions, weight distribution factors, and bridge law requirements that a customer may have.

Drop Deck Transfers – The MAC Trailer drop deck transfers are primarily for hauling lightweight materials that require a high-volume output; such as MSW, woodchips, and recyclables. These drop deck transfers are available to include moving floors or tipper capabilities.

V-Slat Moving Floor - The V-slat moving floor systems offer MAC transfer trailers versatile unloading solutions while eliminating the risk of tipping or coming into contact with electrical lines. These moving floor systems are ideal when unloading sand, aggregate, rock, and asphalt, and can be done so in partial or full loads. These systems can be operated in tunnels, under bridges, and overpasses and other height restricted areas.

MAC Lite Moving Floor & MAC Lite Tipper Trailer - The fully engineered and riveted design of the MAC Lite Moving Floor is improving the commodity Trailer Industry! These walking floor trailer utilize the traditional MAC Z-beam construction giving added support. With available lengths from 42 – 53 feet, these trailers provide the lightest weights in the industry! Check out the Product Literature to learn more!

To learn more about the specifics of MAC transfer trailers, check out our literature, submit a questionnaire form, or email us at to contact a MAC Trailer sales specialist.


  • MAC Man Door
  • Air Flow Gate
  • "MVP" MACLOCK Smooth Side Panel
  • Low Bow Top Rail
  • V-Floor